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Jake and Maggie were born in Georgia at a wildlife park, then moved to Wildlife Safari in Oregon. The good folks in Winston, Oregon, couldn't raise the money to build a suitable habitat for them, so they moved the bears to Montana Grizzly Encounter.

Maggie loves to get Jake to chase her around the enclosure.

In the fifth photo, up at the top of the hill, you can see Jake and Maggie looking back at us. A family with young children was ready for lunch. When Mom opened the peanut butter jar to make sandwiches for the kids, Jake and Maggie immediately stopped their romping, raised their noses into the wind, and were very interested. I don't think the family noticed it. One of the staff told us that if there was a raisin on top of the radio tower, which is on top of the hill in the distance, a couple of miles as the crow flies, a grizzly bear would be able to smell it from in the enclosure.

Jake was the most photogenic of all the bears we saw that day, with great poses. "Work with me, baby. That's it!"


Jake and Maggie

Setting up treats for Brutus


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